Goal Thermometer

I need your help! Please donate to my campaign so we can make a difference in Virginia. There are so many things that help make this campaign successful, but unfortunately, most of them cost money. Working together, we CAN make Virginia better for all of us. If you would like to donate (and truly, any amount helps!), you can donate online through ActBlue here, or click on the thermometor to the left, or send a check made out to my campaign: JanieZ-VA60 Campaign Committee to: P.O. Box 186, Phenix, VA 23959.

You can also donate time by volunteering to make phone calls, going door to door talking to people, and many other ways. Sign up on the Get Involved page. Thank you SO MUCH!

Thanks to the sponsors were able to donate $100 or more to become FRIENDS OF JANIE: Lisa Ross, John Deegan, Sonia Smith, Lynnea Motter, ond Iā€™m sure there are more to come!